Did you lose anyone in the World War I?

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Did you lose anyone in the World War I?

I felt as it was 100 years since this war started I would remember some of the people in my tree who died.

My Granddad’s uncle William Crumpler died on 14/09/1915 in France and Flanders and is buried there.  He would never talk about the war and now I understand why, as he was just 4 at the time.  William was in the Dorset Regiment and the 6th Battalion.

On the other side my daughter’s great grandmother’s brother also died.  Charles Graves died on 20/09/1916 so a year later but this time he was in Egypt. He was in the Essex Regiment and also in the 6th Battalion.

I would also like to remember my Grandmother Felicia Crumpler as she would of been 100 in January.  I miss her so much.

Where will your ancestry take you?

I have learnt so much about my ancestors.  I always thought my dad’s side were local.  However, I though my mum’s side were Midlanders and Welsh.  I have found that my granddad’s mother was local which gave another local connection, his father was a Midlander.  My grandmother’s father was Welsh but her mother was a Londoner.

If you need a hand, let me know.

Progress on my Great-Great-Grandmother’s Quilt My Heirloom

I have been filling in Aunt’s and Uncle’s and their children in the hope this may fill in some of the missing gaps.  I also want to be 100% as accurate and I can be before I start making my ancestry blocks for my quilt.

I have joined a 100 block quilt-a-long so that I can learn some new techniques too, which may be brought into my quilt.  I think this is going to be quite a journey.

I would love to hear any of your stories.

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