Do you have stumbling blocks?

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Are you struggling to find someone in your tree?

My Great-Granddad, Rees was a draper’s assistant all his working life. I have always believed him to be Welsh as he was born in Llandovery.

You may ask, what is a draper’s assistant?

This is an original term for a retailer or wholesaler of cloth mainly used for clothes.

Can you trust the records on-line?

My issue, is that every census I have found, has got different information on. For example, my Great Grandfathers year of birth is different on most census. Not one has showed the year I found on the 1939 eve of the war records.

This is worrying as I can’t believe he didn’t know the year he was born? Or is it the translator of the records.

The best record I have found is the 1939 eve of the war record where it shows the exact date of birth which is four years different from the census forms. This has not only helped for him but for all my ancestors that were alive then.

I know it is the correct person as he has the same place of birth on every one and he was also married to my Great Grandmother in these records.

Other issues are that I have come across are many ancestors used nicknames and middle names.

On their marriage certificate it states their fathers. This is useful but again he is John which was as popular then as it is now.

His surname too was very common too, Hughes. When you search for these details my Great Grandfather’s name was obviously popular then too although not so popular today.

At the moment I can’t get any further as I can’t find who is the correct mother. I also can’t find his birth certificate.

Could DNA solve this issue for me?

Recently I went to a Genealogy conference.


There I went to a talk given by Tony Robinson who you may know as an actor famous for being Baldrick in Black Adder.

His talk was very entertaining on how DNA helped him find more relatives in his tree.

He was so lovely and gave an interesting talk.
Progress on my Great-Great-Grandmother’s Quilt My Heirloom

Here is a picture I have taken of part of it.

Karen's Quilt Project

As you can see I am still researching my ancestors.

I have designed the layout that I am going to use for my quilt.

This is a picture I have taken of her lovely embroidery work. This is all hand embroidered and must of taken her hours, days or even months to finish.

I am learning to quilt myself and will show you some pictures in my next issue.
I would love to hear any of your stories.

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