Is It In The Genes?

Have you ever wondered where you get your talents from?

Over the last ten years I have dabbled in genealogy. When I started it was much harder to find records as you had to physically go and see them.

However, now it is much easier with free records being on-line. The only trouble with this is that it may not be accurate.

I have been digging through my family and have found many interesting stories which I will reveal in future blogs. In today’s blog I am just going to let you know some of my family’s creative people which makes me wonder how much we carry in our genes.

My dad was a painter and decorator. My grand-dad was very clever with his hands as a trained carpenter he made a beautiful mirror I have. I used to be mesmerised watching him making cane baskets which he sold in his florist shop.

My aunt used to be always at her sewing machine and I used to sit with her in the summer holidays. In the early 1990’s she gave me a bedspread which is silk and embroidered and told me it was handed down to her from her great-grand-mother. She wanted me to do something with it. I come across it every now and again and wonder what I could do to give it the justice it deserves as I think it is gorgeous.

A light bulb moment happened this year with me deciding what I am going to do. I am going to do a family tree quilt from her to me. So one side will be her and the other me. This may take a while as it actually reaches the floor on both sides of the bed.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the quilt.

I would love to hear any of your stories.

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